I’m Jill,

And food is my passion – whether it’s cooking, dehydrating, preserving, or eating (or as a writer with a focus on local foods — interviewing chefs, writing about local growers, or creating recipes). Seriously, I’ve been fascinated with and involved in the food scene for 20+ years. Now I’m able to share my passion with you by providing gourmet pantry foods that stock the pantry as well as feed and nourish the soul.

As my interest has always been in sourcing local, seasonal, whole, and organic foods as much as possible, I’m thrilled to share my dehydrated soups, side dishes, main courses, seasoning mixes, and more.

My articles on this blog focus on all methods of preserving food, but particularly on dehydrated foods.

Follow my blog to learn some of the methods I use for dehydrating food, plus always lots of tips and recipes.

If you’d like to purchase my prepared meal kits, visit my Etsy shop, WellPreservedShop where I sell favorite meal kits and seasonings, perfect for stocking a gourmet pantry, camping, prepping, and anyone who would like nourishing whole foods on hand for a quick meal.

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