Top chefs find inspiration close to home

(BPT) – Celebrated chefs Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton, Gerald Hirigoyen and Martin Yan are known and active the world over, but they all call California home. For their award-winning restaurants, product lines, cookbooks and TV shows, they draw inspiration from the bountiful fresh ingredients the Golden State has to offer. “California is my favorite placeContinue reading “Top chefs find inspiration close to home”

Oats & Flax Rolls

Remember in the spring when everyone was baking sourdough bread at home? I tried it myself but admit that after baking a loaf of bread and a pizza crust, I tired of maintaining the starter. Plus I don’t have the patience or cookware to get the precise and delicious crust of true sourdough bread. ThenContinue reading “Oats & Flax Rolls”

Beef Stroganoff

Today I put together a new meal kit for beef stroganoff. This savory and delicious mix works well as a side dish, or add meat to make it a meal. The sour cream is already included so all you need to do is just add water. These meal kits are great for camping and hiking,Continue reading “Beef Stroganoff”

Fresh ideas for making cooking at home easier

(BPT) – With family members on different schedules, virtual learning in full swing and working from home showing no signs of slowing, it’s challenging to have meals and snacks ready when hunger strikes. And when time is short and your crew is tired, the last thing you need to be doing is spending ages inContinue reading “Fresh ideas for making cooking at home easier”

How To Make Dried Cranberries Using A Dehydrator

If you’re like me, you stock up on cranberries when they’re in season and on sale. After buying, cooking, and canning multiple jars of cranberry sauce, you’d think when I went to the grocery store again just before Thanksgiving that I’d leave them be. I had enough, right? Well I couldn’t pass up the saleContinue reading “How To Make Dried Cranberries Using A Dehydrator”

How to shake up mealtime: 10 creative kitchen ideas

(BPT) – Due to quarantine and social distancing measures, Americans have found themselves cooking at home more than ever. However, after creating some of the same meals week after week, you might be hitting a home-cooking rut. To shake things up in the kitchen, consider these 10 ways to add excitement and creativity to yourContinue reading “How to shake up mealtime: 10 creative kitchen ideas”

Winter wellness: 3 expert tips to boost overall health

(BPT) – As we head into the chillier months, the winter season brings simple pleasures such as hot cocoa, holiday music and cozy nights by the fireplace. However, the hustle and bustle of the season can also take a toll on your well-being. Stress and unhealthy eating associated with seasonal celebrations are paired with colderContinue reading “Winter wellness: 3 expert tips to boost overall health”

6 cherry-licious health benefits to preserve year-round

(BPT) – It’s hard to beat summertime and its boon of fresh produce harvested at the peak of flavor, from farm-fresh vegetables to sun-ripened superfruits like sweet cherries. A surge in sweet cherry research in recent years has uncovered six health-promoting benefits packed into these snackable treats, such as combating cancer, promoting sleep and more.Continue reading “6 cherry-licious health benefits to preserve year-round”

Celebrate National Avocado Day

July 31 is National Avocado Day We’ve hand-selected the products below to provide delicious ways to help you celebrate this cherished fruit. Our editorial team independently selects and reviews each product we feature. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission from affiliate programs. BetterBody Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil: TakesContinue reading “Celebrate National Avocado Day”

30 Days to a Zero Waste Life

When I started dehydrating food, one of the main benefits for me — as a single household — was the opportunity to avoid waste. How many times has my enthusiasm over finding a great price on local produce led me to purchase more than I could use before it spoiled? More times than I careContinue reading “30 Days to a Zero Waste Life”